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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  December 23, 2012 3:00am-4:00am PST

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kind of current-day heroes, kevin sinstrom, the idea where you want to take an app, to that level of value. so i think suddenly what we're trying to do as well go out for the big idea. how can we make people's time more efficient? >> the single biggest pinch-me moment you've had so far? >> probably when i visited yoko ono in the dakota building. >> really? just up the road here? >> yeah. she's been one of the investors and helpful. her team of people. that was a pretty crazy -- >> play "imagine" to you? >> no. >> good to meet you, nicholas. watching the show, they will hear about you. in the news game, it is amazin have done. anyone like me in the news game is invaluable. i congratulate you. best of luck with it. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "early start
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weekend." new activity on syria's chemical weapons and the heightened fear they may fall into the wrong hands. aurora, penn state and, of course, newtown. we countdown the top ten biggest crimes of 2012. "time" magazine named president obama person of the year, but do you know who their reader's choice was? you might be surprised. it is sunday, december 23rd, good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. we begin with breaking news. the brutal gang rape of a woman is sparking protests in india. protesters chanting "we want justice" in new delhi. the 23-year-old was attacked on
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a bus last weekend. cnn has learned that a journalist has been killed in demen strags today and we'll bring you much more on this as soon as we get it. now, to a tearful ending and a new beginning in connecticut. flags will be raised to full staff today for the first time since the shooting at sandy hook elementary school. this comes just after the final three funerals for the victims of that tragedy. emilie parker, josephine gay. all little girls with bright futures taken before their time. people gathered to say their good-byes. >> to just see the hall filled with pink flowers, glitter, it was fancy and that's what emilie lived her life celebrating life. and everything was special to emilie. >> she was just 6 years old and
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her father is one of the few family members from the newtown families to speak publicly about the shooting. he wanted people to remember his daughter as a kind and caring big sister. now, to other news, president obama is in hawaii for the holidays and today he'll help celebrate the life of the late senator daniel inouye. he is scheduled to attend the funeral for the pacific in honolulu. the senator passed away last weekend at the age of 88. the president spoke at the memorial service in washington on friday. in new orleans, a federal judge has given final approval to bp settlement with gulf coast businesses and residents. bp will pay at least $7.8 billion in compensation to settle claims from the deep water horizon disaster in 2010. there is no cap on the settlement except for those claims from those in the sea food industry, so, the final bill could still be much higher. thousands of people made claims
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from texas to florida. moving overseas to a deadly cold snap in the ukraine. hundreds more have been treated for hypothermia and frost bite. the government has set up thousands of heating centers to help people deal with the extreme cold. the temperatures there have dropped down to just one degree fahrenheit, far below the average for this time of the year. well, this morning it looks like a major u.s. ally will have a new constitution, but theare still a whole lot of questions about egypt's democratic future. the draft charter has been approved by a majority of voters in a referendum. official results are expected later on. two rounds of voting followed violent protests. let's check in now with cnn's ian lee. he is in cairo this morning. good morning. how was the voter turnout? >> well, randi, voter turnout was really, really low.
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lower than a lot of people were expecting, especially in the turmoil we saw leading up to this election. the second lowest turnout we've seen. 32% of egyptians came out and voted, which really is having a lot of people wondering where the 68% of other people weren't voting. either they were unwilling or unable to cast their votes. it really is not a strong mandate for the muslim brotherhood and president morsi. they will be happy that they won this constitution, but with such a small number of people that came out to vote, a lot of people are wondering what they could have done differently, especially with the opposition. what they could have done differently to get people out to vote in this constitutional referendum. >> it certainly was so controversial now, i guess, the question is what does this all mean for the opposition? >> well, the national salvation front, which is the umbrella organization for the opposition, will be meeting here shortly.
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but they really have just two options. one, continue the protesting and continue rejecting this whole process or, two, prepare for parliamentary elections, which will come within two months, if this constitution is radified or if the supreme electoral commission does approve this constitution. they have within two months of parliament, which they need to get ready for. like i said earlier, 68% of the people didn't vote. they'll want to target that large majority that didn't come out, as well as the islamists. they want to go after them, as well. it's in the parliament where the changes to the constitution can be made now, randi. >> morsi's vice president has now quit, what is the significance of that? >> well, in the new constitution, there isn't a vice president and he was aware of this, of this move. he made the decision last november. this was all before the turmoil that happened before the
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constitutional referendum, the declarations were made, but he held on saying that the president needed him and that he wanted to help the country, but he said there was a conflict of interest between being a judge and being vice president and mixing the judiciary with politics, he didn't like that. but it isn't really a big surprise and shouldn't have a real big impact in egypt. >> as a result of this, how much unrest do you think we'll continue to see? >> we'll definitely see some pockets of unrest, probably within the next week. people still angry over what happened. a lot of people unsatisfied with the constitution. but, really, we haven't seen the protests, at least in the runp to this constitutional assembly really make any difference or have any impact on this whole process. so, if these groups who do object to the constitution really want to make a difference, they're going to have to do it in their legislature and that election is within two months.
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>> all right, ian lee for us, appreciate your reporting there, thank you very much. and to washington now, with congress home for the holidays, a deal on the fiscal cliff looks less and less likely. that could mean coal in the stocking for house speaker john boehner and also mean the end in his two-year rein. he is facing pressure after his plan "b" failure. he proposed a plan, but republicans had to pull it off the table after admitting they just couldn't get it passed. for an illustration of the pressure facing john boehner, check the latest polls. that's what we have political reporter john steinhauser for. >> americans are worried about the taxes if the nation falls off the fiscal cliff at the end of the year. seven of ten questioned in our poll says there will be major
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problems or a crisis in the country if that happens. >> part of what voters they were looking for is some compromise up here. that's what folks want. >> our poll indicates more americans want the republicans than the democrats to compromise more to reach bipartisan solutions. >> the democrat-controlled white house has no plan and offered no plan all year to deal with these looming cuts. >> but the public doesn't seem to agree and more people would blame republicans in congress rather than the president if no deal is reached. one reason why, more people see the views and policies of the gop rather than the democratic party as too extreme. that wasn't the case two years ago. if there's any good news in the poll for the republicans, it's this. a small majority say it's good for the country that the gop controls the house, which suggests the public doesn't want the democrats controlling everything here in washington. >> paul steinhauser, thank you
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very much. it has been quite a year and with the end just around the corner, we wanted to look back at the top stories of the year. i'll run down what crime and punishment stories made our list. but, first, a holiday message from our troops from president obama and first lady. >> the war in iraq is over. the transition to afghanistan is under way and after a decade of war, our heroes are coming home. all across america, military families are reuniting. so, this week letes let's give thanks for our veterans and their families and say a prayer for all our troops, especially those in afghanistan, who are spending this holiday season overseas risking their lives to defend the freedoms that we hold so dear. (crash) ow! i landed on my keys. did you get that? oh yeah. that was amazing. here you go. that was a fun trick! see? santa's okay.
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with odor free aspercreme. powerful medicine relieves pain fast, with no odor. so all you notice is relief. aspercreme. well, the year turned out to be one full of incredible stories. some sparked international outrage and as others developed, the details were almost too hard to believe. crimes were committed and in some cases justice was handed down. but some victims are still
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waiting for justice. here's the list for top ten crime stories of to 12. >> a manhunt is under way for mack macafee founder. >> police are pursuing multiple leads, they say, they claim they want to talk to mcafee as part of their investigation, but no one knows where he is. >> this one was strange and only got stranger as after weeks went by and no one could find him. >> breaking news right now john mcafee wanted for questioning for his neighbor in police has been on the run from authorities for weeks but martin savidge found him. number nine the day darkness fell under a crystal clear august sky in wisconsin. >> the latest information that we know, seven people are dead at this point, three of them, we're told, outside of that temple. >> the gunman on a rampage at a
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sikh temple. wade michael page. after shooting one police officer multiple times -- he was shot and killed by another officer. number eight, the massacre in kandahar province. >> the united states takes this as seriously as if it was our own citizens and our own children who were murdered. >> the accused gunman agent staff sergeant robert bales. he left his afghanistan outpost on a night back in march and single handedly attacked two villages. opening fire and killing 16 afghan civilians in their homes and wounding six others. number seven, striking a deal in the blow. >> the man who shot gabrielle giffords and killed six people on a rampage in tucson pleaded guilty to 19 charges.
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>> jared loughner was sentenced to seven consecutive live terms plus 140 years. his guilty plea means he will avoid the death penalty. chicago's murder rate surged to levels not seen in almost a decade. by december, close to 500 people were killed in the city. >> just not the gang bangers. right now innocent kids and women are being shot on a daily basis. >> averaging more than a murder a day, most of the crime happened in a few specific areas. >> the entire city suffers when violence happens and this idea of not in my backyard is not okay. >> we start this morning with breaking news from italy. >> a massive cruise ship, the "costa concordia" on its side after running aground in january. 32 passengers and crew were killed. the captain faces charged. >> the ship's captain is being charged for manslaughter and
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abandoning ship. the sentencing of jerry sandusky. >> carol, jerry sandusky will die in jail. >> a judge sentenced him to at least 30 years in jail, after he was convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse. despite the mounting of evidence against him, sandusky continues to proclaim his innocence. he is in the process of appealing his sentence. number three, the shooting of unarmed 17-year-old trayvon martin. >> my son left sanford, florida, in a body bag while george zimmerman went home to go to sleep in his own bed. >> accused gunman george zimmerman claims self-defense in a case that sparked international outrage and ignited racial tensions. the trial is set for june. number two -- >> we need rescue inside the auditorium. multiple victims.
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>> seven down! >> july 20th, just past midnight, terror inside theater nine. >> nine miles east of denver where there was a mass shooting at a movie theater. >> in the end, 12 people killed, 58 others wounded. holmes faces 152 charges. many victims continue to recover, while others will never recover the loss they suffered that night. and number one -- >> unimaginable horror grips the nation in one of the deadliest school shootings in u.s. history. >> tragedy at sandy hook elementary. >> this is unspeakable what happened in this town. >> innocent children shot dead in their classrooms. the victims, . >> emilie's laughter was
3:19 am
infectious and all those who had the pleasure to meet her would agree this world is a better place because she has been in it. >> in newtown, connecticut, an outpouring of compassion while the nation faced hard questions about mental health and guns. as the president issued an emotional call for action. >> for those of us who remain, let us find the strength to carry on and make our country worthy of their memory. >> a look back there at 2012. be sure to stay with us for more of our year ending top ten lists. if you want something really special, well, you should head to for the year in pictures. all the images that define 2012. our friends there at put that together for you. he beat out olympic athletes, tv personalities and a long list of humanitarians around the world. you may be shocked, though, to find out which leader won "time"
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magazine's poll online. >> i was reminded when i came into this country one of the messages i got about the london olympics, thank you for sending our athletes back safely. i thought that was such a lovely thing to say. i'll say the same thing to you, there are people loving you and thinking of about you, please come back in one piece. all those men and women around the world.
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22 minutes past the hour now. let's update you now on the alleged brutal beating and gang rape of a young woman on a bus that is sparking anger in india.
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>> protesters chanting we want justice in new delhi. a journalist has been killed in protests today in northern india. cnn ibm joins me on the phone from new delhi. what can you tell us about the reports that we're getting that a journalist has been killed? >> yes, the journalist has been killed. this was when protests erupted while protesting a similar incident where a woman was assaulted and now that's been police we thought resulting to firing a vehicle of the police. a car was burnt by the protesters during the retaliation. now, it only happens in extreme cases. just allowed to do a mild charge after which is followed by the gas shells which are lobbed at protesters. in this case, they are fired upon the protesters and the
3:25 am
cameraman was killed in that. >> and there was a police ban on these protests, right? the demonstrations defy the ban, is that what happened here and how violent are they getting? >> it is getting slightly out of hand. people are assembling in the thousands. of course, the police task enforced a section which is called 144. that does not allow, that prohibits assembly of more than four people in a particular location. but people are just defied that and come to india, which is the historical monument there in central new delhi. people have come down and confronting the police and they wish to march up to the president's house. you know, most of them say that they want a hearing with the president, but police have, of course, barricaded the entire area and not letting any of them pass through. that is the point of conflict
3:26 am
right now. and their youngsters. some from colleges, universities and people from all walks of life have really come together. so no one head or one group of leaders that one can go to. so, everybody is having a sort of -- and the police are unable to control the mob. >> what about an arrest? has there been an arrest on the woman on the bus? >> yes, all of those accused have been arrested. they're in with the police right now. all of the six that were accused, one is a juvenile. he's claimed to the police that he's under 18 years. so he's been sent to a home for juveniles, which is generally the case in india. but the rest are in police custody. they are being questioned by the police and police are going to file a charge, so to say. which present before a court of law here in india in the next 30
3:27 am
days is what police are saying. >> what is the condition of the young woman? >> she continues to be in critical shape right now. yesterday the doctors had released a medical bulletin where they said that she was doing well. they also helped her take a few steps, but, really, the condition right now is that she had trouble breathing, again, this morning. so, the doctors, again, looking at putting her back on ventilator support. so, she's not well at all. and various procedures that were involved in saving this girl involved removing her abdomen completely. so, it's really a difficult time while the entire country, certainly, is praying for her. >> that just sounds horrible. there have been, correct me if i'm wrong, but there has been a surge in rape attacks in new delhi recently, is that correct? >> that is correct.
3:28 am
you know, delhi has seen a number of rape attacks. if we look at the numbers by police last year, it stood at around 625. so, the rapes have been there. but because, you know, of the social of the victim that takes place, many people do not report it because, you know, they feel that the honor of the victim that they don't report it. so many of the cases, really, going unreported. but 625. that number certainly alarming for last year and as this brutal gang rape came to light, many of the people have been coming forward and reporting cases. >> karma paljor appreciate your time this morning. thank you. in syria, chemical weapons are a worry for world leaders. if they fall into the wrong hands, terrorists can use them
3:29 am
to strike anywhere. now, russia says syria is taking steps to keep them safe. mohammed joins me from beirut. what exactly is syria doing. >> good morning, ra ndi. >> he says that syria has started moving its chemical weapons from various sites across the country and consolidated into one site. safe guard these weapons and make sure they don't fall in the hands of the wrong people. there were a lot of concern about this over the last few months. russia is taking this syria and trying to make sure these weapons don't fall into the wrong hands. the u.s. administration, as well as many other countries said for the last few weeks and the last few months if syria used chemical weapons that would be a red line and suffer severe
3:30 am
consequences because of it, randi. >> are the weapons still a threat to the rebels? >> well, the rebels maintain that the weapons are a threat to them and a threat to the general population to syria. they said that they believe assad and his regime would result to utilizing those weapons. we should add, though, that the regime said on many occasions that they don't have chemical weapons. they said if they did, they would never utilize those weapons against their own population. it is, however, still very much a concern. world powers telling indirectly and directly h lly that he shou no means consider using these weapons. we heard from past officials that they believe they've seen intelligence that syria might be mixing chemicals as a way to, as a precursor to start making nerve agents and they haven't seen anything to suggest that they'll utilize this any time soon.
3:31 am
>> how much pressure do you think was applied on syria to do this. is russia trying in a way to rule out one more altogether in favor of foreign intervention? >> oh, absolutely. russia does not want to see foreign intervention. they think if they can convince to not use these weapons and convince the international community that the russia regime is not going to use these weapons and safe guard these weapons and that would take pressure away from this idea of going in with some sort of military intervention. the russians don't want to see this. the international community, they don't want to further militarize this conflict or do any intervention in syria. there is a belief that the syrians at some point might utilize chemical weapons and assad has chemical weapons and they reiterated that if they will be utilized that they would
3:32 am
face severe and dire consequences and many people interpret that to be. >> it also affected palestinians at a damascus refugee camp. what do you know, what is the latest from there? >> we are talking about the palestinian refugee camp. this is in damascus. over the last week or so, we've heard about an increase in the amount of fighting in this camp. we heard the camp is infiltrated by syrian-free army members and also palestinian proregime ca called and also syrian regime soldiers there because of all the fighting there and because it sustained shelling that many refugees fled and they have been displaced even though they were displaced. it got extremely tense there. a couple days ago we heard a truce affected by the sides there for the goods of the palestinian refugee and over the last 24 hours conflicting reports some of more fighting
3:33 am
and the syrian regime is maintaining that it is safe for some residents to come back and also a media committee for the camp that put out a statement today in which they urge the syrian military, rebel-free syrian army members and members of this promilitarized faction to withdraw their forces from that camp to leave the palestinians alone and to let them leave peacefully. randi? >> mohammed, thank you. the nra is causing a whole lot of controversy after saying every school should have armed guards, but one school district said it already had that in mind before the nra even suggested it. wer cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios how much is your current phone bill? four sixteen seventy six a month! okay, come with me -- we're gonna save you money. with straight talk at walmart,
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welcome back. thanks for starting your morning with us and a very special welcome to our troops watching on the american forces network. i'm randi kaye. it's a little half past the hour now. the nra says the best way to prevent school shootings is to put an armed guard in every u.s. school and one new jersey town is heeding that advice. it's happening already in marlboro, new jersey, which is a little south of new york city. the mayor told our affiliate that the school was planning on implementing the idea before the nra spoke out on friday. some schools there already had armed guards, but new jersey's governor chris christie does not agree with that idea. >> i'm not someone who believes that having multiple armed guards in every school is something that will enhance the learning environment. that's our first responsibility
3:38 am
inside a school is the learning environment. you don't want to make this an armed camp for kids. i don't think that's a positive example for children. we should be able to figure out how to enhance safety. >> the mayor of marlboro sports control but armed guards will give a sense of comfort. people packed a church to mourn the victims of friday's shooting rampage. more than 250 people were at a vigil last night. a 44-year-old man shot and killed three people at three different crime scenes while driving through blair county. police killed the gunman in a shootout. the investigation still ongoing. well, "time" magazine named president barack obama their much-anticipated person of the year for 2012, but another world leader that snagged the number one spot in "time's" reader poll with 5.6 million votes and here to tell us who it is.
3:39 am
nadia. >> well, he's the world youngest leader and appointed by his father and he's none other than the leader of north korea, kim jong-un. >> he is pretty controversial, how did he win out against all these other people in a reader poll? >> "time" magazine itself will tell you it's not a very scientific poll, but he won even over jon stewart. jon stewart is only second. but i think there was a little bit of humor in the vote. >> speaking of humor, "the union i union" named kim jong-un, but the chinese government thought it was real and they reported it. >> but, remember china is north korea's greatest ally and supporter. so, china does see him as sexy. >> why the fascination with him? >> again, the third in the kim dynasty. his grandfather was the founder
3:40 am
of north korea. we never saw a photograph of kim jong-un until recently when his father named him as a successor. he went to switzerland. he went to the school where nobody ever knew exactly who he was and believe it or not he is an nba and nike fan and i find it quite fascinating, he does his own buzz cuts, which have become very popular in north korea. >> yeah, okay, that's good to know. listen, we know he had big shoes to fill taking over for his father. the thousands of north koreans lining the streets of pyonyang at the funeral. but now he had this rocket launch. i mean, that was a success. does that change things for him? how is he viewed? >> certainly internal and it does. in april there was a failed launch. so the fact that this one was a success, is terribly important internally. in terms of north korea it's
3:41 am
seen as a great win for him. the world has condemned it and governor bill richardson said it is a test for missile technology and a violation of the united nations in terms of what is perceived. but for him and the way north koreans perceive him, great success. >> i wonder if he's celebrating that he was tops in the reader poll. >> what's very interesting, he's very similar in policy to his father, but so different in personality. you see him out and about and you see him introducing the country to his wife, who is pregnant. he has now allowed women to ride bikes in pyongyang. >> good for him. that's great. >> north korea said they have the only unicorn lair in the world. >> okay, i don't even know why we know that, but that's good to know. thank you. >> a strange country, a strange man. >> no doubt. the army says a u.s. soldier accused of killing 16 afghan
3:42 am
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imagine how shocked a military wife was when she found out her husband was accused of an unthinkable crime. staff sergeant robert bales is accused of going on a shooting rampage in afghanistan in march and killed 16 people, many of them children. this week the military announced it plans to seek the death penalty against bales. his lawyer argues he never should have been in afghanistan for a fourth tour of duty because he had ptsd. bales' wife, carolyn, has
3:46 am
defended her husband saying the accusations are out of character for the man she knows and admires. joining me now from portland is lorry, she developed a friendship with carolyn bales after writing this blog post. also a deputy prosecutor in washington and is, herself, a military spouse and wrote about carolyn bales in "new york times." good morning to you. i know you haven't spoken with carolyn since the news that her husband could face the death penalty, but given your relationship with her, what was your reaction to this news? >> well, i think that we don't really have a precedent for how this kind of case is going to go down. so, it was very open in my mind how the decision could come from the army about whether or not to allow the prosecutors to seek the death penalty.
3:47 am
i, myself, wasn't very shocked just based on the fact that it doesn't mean that the death penalty is going to happen, it just puts it on the table. so, i may have a different perspective than the american public based on my understanding of the law. but, i do know that when these things happen, kari goes in a news blackout and divorces herself from the media and what's happening so she can focus on her children and her fami family. >> in "new york times" after meeting kari you told your mom, she was just like you. can you explain that a little bit? what do you mean by that? >> well, when i first wrote the open letter to kari bales i was on cnn and that gave me an opportunity to hear from her and meet her in person. and i was surprised to find that she was very gregarious and
3:48 am
personable and i think that often happens when we reach out to someone personally. we try to find ways to identify with them. but the thing that we had in common was that we were both military spouses, which is the reason i wrote that letter to begin with. military spouses can be very resilient, instilled and very supportive of each other and i saw that in kari bales. i saw her loyalty and support and i felt the camaraderie of just being a military spouse. >> i'm not sure how much you can talk about the case with her, but what has it been like for her? she's now in such a position, a surprise position, certainly, to defend her husband's reputation. >> you know, because i am a deputy prosecutor, i'm very cautious not to discuss anything related to the case with her. i think it's somewhat of a relief and it's the reason we sort of become strange friends as i wrote about in my "new york times" article because it allows us to have that space to talk about things that are unrelated
3:49 am
to the case. but kari is the kind of person who appreciates the same things i do. she's a working mom, she is a military wife. when we talk about how things are going for her and how she's feeling, it's unrelated to the case. we just leave that as an area that is off balance between us. >> i can only imagine the emotional toll that this case is taking on her, and also a financial toll, as well. bales has a legal defense fund that people can donate to. are you helping at all with that? >> i have chosen to make a personal donation to the fund. i know they've had that website up and whenever there are some media, they like to see whether or not there's a reaction that takes into account the fact that it's kari bales and her children that are burdening, raising the funds for this. it is directly affecting the quality of life. raising the funds for the
3:50 am
defense actually helps them directly. >> all right, lori, appreciate your time this morning, thank you. >> thank you. i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time for christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. trying to find a better job can likbe, so at university of phoenix we're working with a growing list of almost two thousand corporate partners - companies like microsoft, american red cross and adobe -
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welcome back. you may think of next week as a
3:53 am
holiday week. maybe you have the week off, but there will still pea a whole lot of news. let's take a look at the week ahead. let's start with tuesday, which is, of course, christmas day. christians around the world will be celebrating. hopefully you'll have a chance to spend some time with your family. on thursday, we have a couple things going on. first of all, congress returns to capitol hill. remember, they left after house speaker john boehner decided to ax a vote on the fiscal cliff plan. they'll come back and see what happens with that fiscal cliff. also on thursday, we'll get the consumer confidence report. we'll see how the stock market reacts to that. it was at a four-year high last month. so, we'll see what happens. the stock market has been a little up and down, of course, with worries about the fiscal cliff. and on saturday, a big day in maine. same-sex couples will be able to start tying the knot in maine. voters approve the new law in a november ballot measure along with voters in washington and maryland. so, a whole lot going on next week, even though it's a holiday
3:54 am
week. well, many americans from the president on down are sick about what happened in newtown, connecticut. they want tougher gun laws, but the second amendment makes that a tricky proposition. i spoke with cnn legal contributor paul cowan for his take on how the supreme court interprets the right to bear arms. >> the supreme court has held that the second amendment permits people to keep weapons in their house for self-protection, but it doesn't say anything about high-capacity magazines and it doesn't say anything about what kind of guns we're allowed to keep. certainly well reasoned reinstructions are okay under the second amendment. >> outlaw the assault rifles and the large ammunition clips that we had to talk so much about. what will that mean for the gun owners that currently have them? >> this is a good question.
3:55 am
when we talk about gun control, it is a political question. there are 450 million firearms in america at this moment. there is a huge amount of weaponry out there. some of those are these, what we call assault weapons, gun enthusiasts say they're just sort of rifles that you can, you can change the configuration of and you only have to pull the trigger once and one bullet comes out. they're not machine guns. they're automatic weapons. but those weapons that you can put a high-capacity clip into have been involved in a lot of these mass killings. a battle whether people who have those guns can have the guns taken away from them. from a legal standpoint, yes, randi, we can take them away. you pay them for it when you take the property back. so, yes, it could be done. politically, will we try to do it? we never have in the past. i don't be whether the political will is there to do it. >> i want to ask you about this new cnn/orc poll. shows 52% of americans favor
3:56 am
major restrictions on guns or making all dwguns illegal. what influence will this have on congress or the courts? any influence at all? >> i think it has a big influence and through the years you hit a tipping point on issues where the public finally starts to say, hey, something's got to be done. and, you know, i think this shooting in connecticut is a tipping point and if, you know, the obama administration acts quickly, there may be a chance to put some new regulations in place. but, unfortunately, the public has had a short memory on these things. >> and that was cnn contributor paul callan discussing the right to bear arms. one woman said police offered her family a turkey as an apology for pepper spraying her brother. people around the nation are outraged and calling for justice. we want to know what you think.
3:57 am
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